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Welcome to the Real World

School's out—finally—and you're on your own for the first time. That's a good thing. But it also means facing some hurdles you've never faced before, from writing a resume and finding a job to doing your taxes for the first time.

Enter What's My Score. Sure, we're the credit advice guys, but we have some great tips for you about the financial choices you're facing now, too. Look below for handy guides on paying off student loans, searching for a job and handling post-grad paperwork—info. just for recent grads like you.

Student Loans
Find out how to stay on top of payments and even reduce the amount you owe.
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Tips for Finding a Job
Ace the job search with these excellent tips on resumes, interviews and more.
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Job Search Resources
Get links to top resources for job listings, resume writing, interviewing and more.
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Paperwork and Taxes
Get the lowdown on "real world" paperwork to make managing it easy.
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Create a plan for spending and saving; our tips and tools will help.
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